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Jiangsu Jiecheng Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. is building up Jiecheng Market System Project during every phase of enterprise development. In the same period of Jiecheng brand assets accumulation, the guaranteed development of market system construction was undergoing. It formed a market system whose central part is area market invasion, media market maturing, establishment of channel market, implementation of market-oriented regulation management, rational sales market, achievement-oriented market spread, and double win in both domestic market and international market. Our group company takes charge of the management of national sales market following the guidance of establishing consummate market system. Area market distribution posts are spread over to northwest, north, southeast, northeast and southwest part of China. They will keep on spread in a permeating manner; the utilization of media evolves from traditional media, such as TV, newspaper, radio, magazine and outdoors media to new media features network media; the use of channel market makes operation follows regular channel of food additive and aminophenol. Our group endues channel with deeper meaning, establishes new channel relationship combines channel, enterprise and advertisement merchant. In the frame of market development, it establishes marketing management series regulation: marketing management handbook, sales market handbook, direct distributor handbook and sales promotion management handbook.

Market spread includes enterprise media spread, area sales spread and social image spread. Through these effective spread manners, we fulfill victory practice of terminal sales with over 100 million total sales value. At the same time, the start-up of market begins to show its effect, Jiecheng's international market system based on WTO wholly starts.

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