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Material Requisition by Purchase

Raw and assistant materials
In order to satisfy the need of present market as well as the self-development of company, we list the type and quantity of the raw and assistant material we need:

Product name

Quantity (ton)


Pure benzene(coking benzene)

40,000T/year Industry standard
Liquid ammonia
700T/month Industry standard

Sulfuric acid

1500T/month 98%

Fumaric acid

6000 Foodstuff standard

Corn plasm

60 Foodstuff standard

Liquid caustic soda

500T/month Industry standard
120 Decolorizing active carbon 100 Industry standard
Packaging bag 80,000/month  
Tray 2500/month  
Fiber drum 6000/month  
Magnesium oxide 4T/month  
Magnesium carbonate 15T/month  
Potassium carbonate 15T/month  
PPE antifoaming agent 4T/month  
Iron box and drum 500/month  
Active carbon 50T/month  
Sodium bromide 20T/month  
Ammonium persulfate 50T/month  
Monosodium glutamate 500T/month  
Dipotassium phosphate 6T/month  
Monopotassium phosphate 6T/month  
Liquid fumaric acid 300T/month  

* Are required please try your best to depict the context of your issue in detail
  Product information  
Product name: * Price:
Information type: supplier cooperator* Consignment place:
Product type: Detailed specification:
Period of validity:
Product specification:
Product quantity:
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Company name: * Province: City:
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